Everything you need to know about “Simplicity” star Mary Joy Apostol

Everything you need to know about “Simplicity” star Mary Joy Apostol

  • "Simplicity" is the most-awaited comedy film to hit cinemas this 2018.
  • The film's main protagonist is award-winning actress Mary Joy Apostol.
  • Find out more about Mary Joy's fun-filled life below.

The Philippine film industry is expected to be shaken by the arrival of the light comedy film Simplicity.” In this movie directed by Kazuhiko Parungao, the audience is expected to go on a roller coaster of emotions as they follow the adventures of five aspiring superstars. Aside from its plot, what makes this film even more promising is its main star, award-winning actress Mary Joy Apostol.

Even though she’s young, Mary Joy Apostol proved that she can already take on the Philippine showbiz industry with her charm and natural talent. She proved herself worthy of the film’s major role when she won last year’s ASEAN film awards for her role in “Birdshot.” Mary Joy was only 18 when she became an international award-winning actress.

Even though she looks all dolled-up in the scenes on “Simplicity,” in real-life, Mary Joy Apostol is a simple and modest girl who was drawn to the glitz and glam of showbiz at a young age. Fondly referred to by her friends as “Majoy,” the young actress was only 13 years old when she pursued a career in acting.

During an exclusive interview with Philstar, the 20-year-old actress claimed that despite being popular, she tries to maintain a low profile behind the camera. While youth her age are often partying ’til dawn, Majoy found the solace of her home more comforting:

“Basta sa school or sa bahay, gusto ko lang na Majoy lang po ako. Yung simple lang, hindi ma-gimik, hindi sikat. Simple and normal lang talaga.”


It was 2017 when Mary Joy decided to audition for the film “Birdshot.” Whether it was a natural calling or just a coincidence, things worked out in her favor when she was chosen among many other seasoned actresses. Even when they were already filming the movie, she challenged herself in overcoming what she referred to as an “acting project.”

When she received the Best Actress award during the ASEAN film awards in Da Nang, Vietnam, Mary Joy Apostol held her head high while dazzling onlookers with her long red gown. Indeed, who would have thought that an aspiring little girl would end up being an internationally-acclaimed actress?

“While I was doing ‘Birdshot,’ I only thought of it as an acting project. I had no idea we were going to make it abroad or screen it nationwide. Hindi po talaga ako sanay, hindi pa po talaga nag-sink in sa akin yung fact na may pelikula ako.”


Nowadays, aside from her upcoming movie “Simplicity,” Mary Joy Apostol also spends her time focusing on her education. She envisions herself as a flight attendant and is currently pursuing a degree as a Bachelor of Arts in Tourism at Bulacan State University.

Are you also excited to watch “Simplicity?” Mark your calendars because this most-awaited film is set to conquer your hearts this 2018!


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