Forgive me, FatherBae: This priest looks a lot like ‘Pambansang Bae’ Alden Richards

Forgive me, FatherBae: This priest looks a lot like ‘Pambansang Bae’ Alden Richards

  • It's hard to miss Pambansang Bae Alden Richards in a crowd because of his good looks and fair skin.
  • What would you do if you found another Alden, but in a priestly garb?
  • Why, head over to Church and pray to get a glimpse of this Father Bae!

Kapuso star Alden Richards is one of the most good-looking celebrities in showbiz today. His fair skin, dimpled smile, and angelic face are enough to melt the hearts of the most jaded lady. No wonder ‘Dubsmash Queen’ Maine Mendoza almost buckled when she finally met him in the ‘tamang panahon’ episode of Kalyeserye in “Eat Bulaga”. And with that, the phenomenal AlDub love team was born.

But what if someone as extraordinarily famous as Alden has a look-alike? What would you do as an Aldub fan?

It looked like someone finally found Pambansang Bae’s doppelganger – inside a church no less!

One Facebook user sneakily took pictures of Father Bae while he was baptizing a baby, and netizens found the resemblance quite uncanny.

She wrote: “Pag balik ng cellphone ko nagulat ako sa nakita ko. Yung father kamukha ni Alden. tsk! Sana umuwi nalang kami at umattend ng binyag, Patt, pakasal na tayo ulit sa Pangasinan.”

She also posed the question, “Why so pogi, father?”


We would like to know as well! But the one question we’d probably ask right now is: “Bakit pogi ang mga nagpapari?”

Based on the netizen’s post, it looked like the priest is based in Pangasinan – and that she wants to get married again but with this man as the officiator. Are you sure you won’t be committing any sin, hmm?

In the photos, Father Bae was pouring water over a child’s head as part of aptismal rites. Frankly speaking, we also want to be ‘blessed’ by this handsome priest – in case we need some sort of blessing in our lives right now.


Upon seeing the snaps, netizens were surprised to find the striking resemblance between the priest and Alden – from their fair skins to boyish looks. One online user couldn’t help herself and immediately said “I love you na. Father.” Hold it in, woman!


Of course, it’s not a sin to fall in love with a priest, especially as handsome as Father Bae. Remember that loving a priest only becomes a sin when someone turns his/her attraction into action.

Do you agree the priest looks a lot like Alden Richards? Share your thoughts in the comments section below!


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