OFW in Canada appeals to Raffy Tulfo after husband and kids refuse to talk to her

OFW in Canada appeals to Raffy Tulfo after husband and kids refuse to talk to her

  • Grace Astrologo Nacional, an OFW in Canada, sought the help of Raffy Tulfo earlier this week.
  • According to Grace, her two children were refusing to speak to her under their father's orders.
  • For his part, Alvin Nacional appeared on the show together with their two daughters to air their side of the story.

Grace Astrologo Nacional, an Overseas Filipino Worker (OFW) currently in Canada appealed to Raffy Tulfo earlier this week. According to her, she hasn’t been able to communicate with her two daughters for a month because her own husband, Alvin Nacional, forbade the children to talk to their own mother.

Since Grace could only air her side through the phone, her mother and sister appeared on Raffy Tulfo’s show in behalf of the OFW. When Raffy Tulfo tried to contact Alvin Nacional through a phone call, he refused to speak and said he’d personally appear on the show with his and Grace’s two daughters so that their side may be heard.

via facebook.com/raffytulfoinaction
via facebook.com/raffytulfoinaction

Once on the show, Alvin Nacional vehemently denied in front of Raffy Tulfo and Grace’s side of the family that he ever forbade the children to communicate with their mother. He said, their daughters have their reasons for refusing to talk to their mother.

via facebook.com/raffytulfoinaction

According to Alvin, their elder daughter was part of a certain group chat where Grace was in, and the daughter saw her mother with another man. It wasn’t clear whether the child saw a photo or a snaps of a conversation. Alvin started crying when he told his story. Grace denied these allegations, saying none of this was true and Alvin was simply “brainwashing” the children to turn them away from their own mother.

via facebook.com/raffytulfoinaction

Alvin also revealed that he didn’t like dealing with Grace’s side of the family, especially his mother-in-law. Apparently, Grace’s mother would involve herself in the fights between Grace and Alvin. She makes things worse, as far as Alvin is concerned.

Grace’s mother and sister, on the other hand, supported Grace’s claim that the two daughters were being kept from their side of the family. Alvin denied this, too, and claimed that Grace’s mother is welcome to visit the kids anytime. The thing is, the children also have their own reservations with their grandmother. With tears in her eyes, the eldest daughter confirmed she has a disagreement with her grandmother. The younger daughter, on the other hand, was crying the whole time and refused to talk to her mother even while on the show.

via facebook.com/raffytulfoinaction

After observing all this, Raffy Tulfo advised Alvin to patch things up with his wife as their squabbles obviously have a deep and serious impact on the children.

After the show, the kids were given the chance to talk to their mother privately. Both girls appeared to be harboring some hurt feelings while speaking to their mother.

The elder daughter could be heard telling her mother, “Pinapalabas mo sinungaling si Papa, hindi naman sinungaling si Papa.”

via facebook.com/raffytulfoinaction
via facebook.com/raffytulfoinaction

This story gained mixed reactions from netizens. Some stood behind the father, claiming it really is a trend for OFWs in Canada to take lovers:

“Ako po ai andito sa canada po may na pansin po ako dito kadalasan po ng mga nagcanada ai nagkakahiwalay po dahil ang iba dito ma lalaki man o babae may kanya-kanya po silAng mga kirida hindi naman lahat pero marami po dito kaya ganyan ang ng yayari.sa nakita ko lang”

via facebook.com/raffytulfoinaction
via facebook.com/raffytulfoinaction

Others voiced their concerned for the kids. For them, the couple really should put their differences aside for the sake of their children:

“ang maganda po nyan sir, ayusin nlang po nyo ni misis ang priblema kawawa nman po ung mga bata. cla nlang po ang isaalang alang nyo sa tingin ko po masyado ng apektado mga anak nyo kawawa nman po cla. mam, sir,”

Watch this viral video to see how Raffy Tulfo resolved this issue:

OFW sa Canada humingi ng saklolo para makausap ang kanyang mga dalagita na pinagkakait daw ng kanyang Mister. Pero para sa mga bata, sila daw ang may ayaw sa kanilang Ina. Bakit kaya?

OFW sa Canada humingi ng saklolo para makausap ang kanyang mga dalagita na pinagkakait daw ng kanyang Mister.Maiiyak kayo rito!!#raffytulfoinactionYoutube: http://bit.ly/RaffyTulfoOfficialYoutubeInstagram: http://bit.ly/RaffyTulfoOfficialInstagramWebsite: http://bit.ly/RaffyTulfoOfficialWebsite

Posted by Raffy Tulfo in Action on Friday, January 5, 2018

What about you? Who do you think is in the right as far as this story is concerned? How do you think Grace and Alvin should go on with fixing this problem, with the best interest of their kids in mind? Let us know what you think in the comments section below!


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