Rude “police officer” threatens driver after allegedly cutting him off along Bonifacio Ave.

Rude “police officer” threatens driver after allegedly cutting him off along Bonifacio Ave.

  • A man wearing a police officer uniform was criticized online after displaying arrogant behavior on the road.
  • The police officer allegedly cut off a couple as they were driving along Bonifacio avenue.
  • Read on the full story below!

The ridiculous traffic situation in Metro Manila is enough to drive anyone up the wall. The rude drivers, the traffic violators and especially the barely-moving traffic during rush hours will surely raise tempers. It is then no wonder that traffic rage has become really common. One particular case of road rage shared on social media involved an alleged police officer.

A woman on Facebook couldn’t control her anger as she narrated an experience they had while driving along Mckinley Parkway in Taguig City. According to a woman, whose identity was withheld for her privacy, she was in the passenger seat while her companion was driving around 6:48 p.m. on December 27.



They were on their way towards a shopping center when a white Toyota Fortuner who apparently wants to turn right to McKinley Parkway forced itself in the midst of the traffic. The woman narrated:

“When we were almost across the street, the jeepney in front of us stopped so we had to stop as well. Then this white Toyota Fortuner wanting to turn right to Mckinley Parkway from Bonifacio Avenue, forced his vehicle towards us to the point that I (on the passenger side) was surprised because his bumper was already just about an inch away from us.”


The driver of the Toyota Fortuner even turned on his blaring sirens or “wang-wang.” Upon further inspection, the woman and her companion observed that the Toyota Fortuner had a Philippine National Police commemorative plate so they naturally assumed that it was an emergency.

Moments after moving forward, things escalated quickly when the woman and her companion found out that a man wearing a police officer uniform is behind the wheels. What surprised them, even more, is the police officer’s rude attitude towards them:

“But when were able to move forward he tried to overtake us and put down his window. That’s when we knew he was just an a**hole. We asked him “Anong problema mo?” And he said “You ran a red light! Gusto mo dalin ko kayo sa presinto?!” (with an American accent). Then we shouted “Hindi kami nag-run ng red light! Anong presinto?!” He kept repeating “Gusto nyo dalin ko kayo sa presinto?”

The woman was not alone in her sentiments towards the rude police officer. Many people on social media also couldn’t help but feel enraged over the man’s arrogant attitude. As of writing this, the post already reached more than 16,000 shares on Facebook alone.

Here at Trending News Portal, we are open to hearing the side of the alleged police officer in this story.

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SOURCE: Facebook

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